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Javier Crespi is a creative web developer with over 15 years of experience in creating and implementing high quality websites. I can develop websites for different market scopes such as informational, editorial and electronic commerce. I can also produce high quality web content that will comply with the search engines and will enhance your company's  customer experience.

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Here is a summary of the skills that I can provide to your company.

Web Design and Programming

15 years of experience developing websites for small and medium size business. My work has been featured in Time Life Magazine to decision makers with great acceptance and results.

Web Marketing

Marketing experience in the current social media sites. Experience using various tools to promote websites on the Internet.  Search Engine Optimization experience.

User Management

Over 15 years of experience creating positive user experience by implementing web applications such as PHP and MySQL to provide positive user management and user experience.

If I asked people what they wanted, they would have said ‘Faster Horses’.

-Henry Ford

Javier Crespi Skills

Here is a brief summary of my skills that will range from the website conception to the final stages of development, including search engine optimization techniques that will help promote any website in the search engines. Javier is also a clear communicator with a background in account management and marketing. My experience also covers managing groups of up to 75 team members in a high paced retail sales environment.

Design Skills

More than 15 years utilizing Adobe products. I can provide your company with web design services with Adobe Dreamweaver, Photoshop and InDesign. My experience allows to turn broad, conceptual ideas into highly creative visual websites.

100% Complete
80% Complete
90% Complete

Graphic and print design

A strong graphic design experience that covers working with outside web design companies as well as print companies. I also have experience designing promotional business products such as Business cards, Flyer's, Brochures and other media.

90% Complete
Print Design
85% Complete
80% Complete

Promotion and marketing

Vast experience in the process of marketing Online websites that will comply with Google's best practice policies. I have a solid experience in developing SEO campaigns, analytics, SE rankings, monitoring, keyword research and link building.

Google Ad-sense
95% Complete
Google Ad-words
95% Complete
On Page SEO
95% Complete

Server Management

Experience managing 300+ domains in Linux servers, managed with Cpanel. I am able to create multiple databases using MySQL. Javier has a strong experience publishing websites on Linux based servers and perform routine server maintenance.

100% Complete
100% Complete
100% Complete

Web Programming

A strong conceptual thinker who has a keen interest in all things related to the Internet. I have the ability and experience needed to design and execute complex software projects for a diverse variety of users.

95% Complete
90% Complete
85% Complete

Social Media

Strong experience executing social media engagement, monitoring, reporting and analysis. I also have extensive knowledge of social media sites, trends, tools and analytics platforms. Ability to balance a company’s, editorial and social marketing objectives.

Face Book
95% Complete
Google +
100% Complete
Linked In
100% Complete

Office Skills

Extensive knowledge in bookkeeping and managing skills for retail operations exceeding 11 Million Dollars in sales per year. I can implement and manage to inspire team members to follow corporate guidelines and procedures.

95% Complete
Quick Books
95% Complete
95% Complete

Business Skills

Throughout his career I have been involved leading groups from 15 to 90 team members in a retail box. I understand how to lead groups and to develop them to achieve success by positive coaching and mentoring.

100% Complete
100% Complete
100% Complete

Professional Experience

Here is a brief summary of Javier Crespi professional experience.

  • New York City Webmaster
  • Web Design, web programming and promotion services.
  • Developing and maintaining the front end functionality of websites.
  • Participating in discussions with clients to clarify what they want.
  • Designing prototypes for App. and websites.
  • Creating logos, banners and buttons for websites.
  • Writing cross-browser compliant XHTML, CSS & Java-script.
  • Simultaneously managing several databases and reporting tools.
  • Contacting external web masters to coordinate project milestones.
  • Provide guidance to other team members on web development issues.
  • Provided customer high speed Internet service to businesses.
  • Started CiclonPR.Com


  • 02/01/1998 - Present

  • Health Fairs Direct
  • Web hosting of an average of 300 domains per month.
  • Providing full service web design services.
  • Monitoring website and platform performance.
  • Writing up status reports for business owners and managers.
  • Developing enterprise CMS systems.
  • Overseeing the hosting environment for website.
  • Specifying system changes that meet a client's requirements.
  • 08/31/2014 - Present

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